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This website is here to serve as a resource for Producers, Production Companies, and Photographers to view possible Locations in Central Colorado. All images are free and useable for internal production use. We appreciated cross- linking this site- but please don’t rip out content and attribute it to yourself.

Partners and clients MAY use this site for confidential exchange of Location imagery. User accounts can be issued by the site Admin to allow for image exchanges and for project-specific Scouting. This makes it very easy for Clients to send and receive images directly over the web regardless of their many locations.

I have just begun including Compass DEGREES in Pan Directions. I’m also Including the lens focal length used on the individual tiles of each panorama. Since I use a Nikon Digital Camera (D100) that uses a 23.7 x 15.5 mm CCD sensor, I have adjusted the focal lengths for a 35 mm aperture. This is still the standard. And it’s really given to allow an understanding of the distortion inherent in the photostitching process. Your results may vary.

All images include detailed Geographic information for mapping of both proximity and Sun travel. An advanced search will allow you to sort by ANY word in any field associated with a location posting. But it gets better.. Tags are assigned according to physical characteristics.. ie. roads- buildings- mountains- etc. Categories are reserved for individual Cities and Counties. Put them all together and you should get a pretty good search result.

Each Panorama exists as in EXTREMELY high-resolution version. You can request a high-res copy from the site admin., subject to a good reason for that request. Partners and property owners will always be accommodated.

These images ARE copyrighted and may not be used in print, video, or ANY medium whatsoever without the written consent of the owners. Under no circumstances may they be used BY THEMSELVES for the profit of anyone other than the owners.

This site is intended for YOUR use, so please use it.