Main Pit, CC&V Mine

Main Pit, CC&V Mine
Main Pit, CC&V Mine

File:  scout2/CCV/MainPit/MstrPanPit.jpg
Shot Location:    N  38° 43.908’            W  105° 08.986’            Elevation:  10,204
Date and time of photograph(s):   1/7/2012 9:20 am         Pan Directions  N->E->S
Description:  Tops in the: “You don’t see this everyday” category: The Cresson Pit of the Cripple Creek a& Victor mining company. Definitely the nation’s highest active gold mine. A staggering wall of solid rock Look for the tiny derricks in the bottom of the pit. These are drilling rigs: just a bit of scale for this staggering site.

Map of Camera Location:

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